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Our capable team is combined of regional and western qualifications and in-depth knowledge of government institutions, local laws, regulations and their application, together with technical and legal expertise. 


Ahmad Bin Dhahi


Mr. Mohamed Nabawi

Mohamed Nabawi

Managing Partner & Senior Legal Consultant 

A US Master’s graduate, specializing in criminal law, commercial law and civil law and drawing from over 25 years of experience in which he serves many as their outside general counsel and close trusted advisor, Mr. Nabawi’s cross-disciplinary approach to practice spans a variety of areas of law to provide clients with a team member that possess the depth and breadth required to implement legal strategies that support clients as they pursue their passions, purposes and interests. 


Ahmed Elasily

Managing Partner & Senior Legal Consultant

Ahmed Elasely has been practicing law in Dubai for a period in excess of 10 years. He has represented clients in their personal and business transactions and advocating on their behalf before Courts throughout the Dubai area. He has consistently achieved top results for his clients in a variety of different industries. 

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Said Sharma

Legal Consultant

He has built his experience in the various fields of law for almost 20 years. Such experience has enabled him to reach a high standard of competence in the legal profession. 


Hasan Khamis

Legal Consultant

Mr. Khamis has over 25 years of experience with several aspects of law, he has been able to successfully represent any and all clients, with a great ability and diversification in his practice in order to be able to tend to any who come to him.


Omar Mosad

Legal Consultant 

Omar is a talented, pragmatic and innovative legal consultant with more than six years of experience, He is a member of the Employment and the Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice groups.
Omar’s focus is on litigation before the local courts, negotiations and amicable settlements. His practice includes real estate disputes, debts default, breach of contracts and abuse of rights. He also advises corporates on employment contracts, policies and various employment disputes.
Omar is bilingual and is therefore able to provide advice to a wide range of clients, based on his first-hand experience of litigation before the local courts.

Abdelrahman Ayman Abdelfatah

Legal Researcher

Mr. Abdelrahman possesses great multitasking skills and is able to handle several cases at the same time. He is committed to work and be able to understand the legal complications attached to each case. He focuses on attention to detail, exceptional time management, and researching skills in order to achieve the exceptional results he has portrayed.


Mohamed Abdalla Saleh

Legal Researcher

With over 8 years of experience, Mr. Abdallah Saleh is an expert in representing clients in criminal and civil litigation and other legal proceedings. 


Mohamed Elshahawy Elsawy

Legal Researcher

With extensive experience in researching and analysing case law and relevant information necessary to attorneys’ casework, Mr. Elshahawy practices broadly in many fields of law in order to be able to provide his clients with utmost professionalism.


Abdallah Abdalrahman

Junior Associate

As an associate, Mr. Abdalrahman works on cases for clients and provides legal advise to clients. He has obtained a plethora of related skills required for his position. 

Fatima Khamkhoeva


With a degree in law, Ms. Khamkhoeva serves as an integral part of the office, and looks over most matters present at the firm. 

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Amal Nachit

Legal Secretary 

Professional and multi-skilled with excellent secretarial and administrative skills. Ms. Nachit has extensive experience in legal secretarial work and correspondence, organizing and arranging appointments and managing them well and has high skills in Arabic and English.

Ms. Reem Santos

Remedios Armenta Santos

General Accountant

Has proficient knowledge of accounting software programs and continuously strives to further her knowledge of different software to complete the job efficiently. She is well-organized and keeps track of important financial documents for future analysis and reporting. 

Lina Mayerly Bautista

Account’s Assistant

Certified as an ISO 9001 internal quality auditor, professional in marketing and international business with a Diploma in Human Resources and Strategic Proyect Management. Hight vocation for service, welcome the challengues and goals that the organization can propose; willing to solve problems efficiently thus achieve the goals set by the company and my work group.

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Consisting of some of the best and highly professional legal advisors and local advocates, Bin Dhahi offers full-time commercial and corporate legal solutions and dispute settlements. Focused on developing long-term and strong relations with our clients, we at Bin Dhahi believe in the values of reliability, morality, consistency and accountability.