Practice area


ABD Advocates & Legal Consultants offers the region’s leading services in arbitration, with our expertise in the region in providing effective services in addressing arbitration rulings tainted with nullity by challenging them before the competent courts.


ABD Advocates & Legal Consultants have a proven historical record of legal betterment in the field of litigation and provides its services to individuals as well as legal entities.

Construction & Real Estate

ABD Advocates & Legal Consultants are experts in the field of constructions and real estate and have helped clients in this sector in many regards and instances. BDA allocates a lot of time and human resources to ensure that all of its clients participated in this sector are fully aware with the latest updates in this sector, in addition, to provide them with legal protection in case of concluding contracts for real estate and construction.

Corporate & Commercial

ABD Advocates & Legal Consultants are one of the most prominent firms in the corporate and commercial field in the UAE, with our experts specializing in such cases, we have a great history of success in this field.

Labour & Employment

The legal matter which is common under Employment Law is often matters in relation to Employment Dismissal. There are two (2) types of Employment Dismissal known as “Unfair Dismissal” and “Constructive Dismissal”. We represent both Employer and Employee in any legal proceeding related Employment Law.

Cyber Crime

The field of cyber crime is relatively new and unexplored, and therefore requires lawyers to obtain certain topical and new skills. offers such services due to the competency of its lawyers and consultants, who are constantly improving and developing their skillset.

Claims Management

Claims management at ABD Advocates & Legal Consultants is all about managing and minimizing your organisation’s exposure to risk, while protecting your brand, reputation and commercial relationships.
By integrating claims management, investigation, recovery, claims costs negotiation, and litigation services, we are able to deliver business based outcomes that meet your commercial goals, helping you avoid litigation where possible and maximize repudiations of third party claims.
We deliver a centralised, blended solution, drawing together volume claims managment, adjusting, consultancy and legal expertise.

Dispute Resolution

ABD Advocates & Legal Consultants Dispute Resolution lawyers act for a broad spectrum of individual and commercial clients in a wide range of complex disputes. Our in-depth understanding of the law and court procedures, in addition to providing practical solutions, is highly valued by a clients. We seek solutions trough mediation, negotiation and other dispute resolution techniques to achieve the outcomes our clients want and need. We provide cost effective service. We have litigated every type of civil and regulatory dispute, from the largest commercial disputes, to disputes involving private individuals and their businesses.

Criminal Cases

The criminal law includes sanctions that may affect freedoms such as imprisonment or impose huge fines. In light of the legal principle that it is not excused the ignorance of the legislations, our firm is focusing in raising the awareness of its clients and provide legal consultancies to avoid its clients committing any legal violations.

Divorce/Family Law

The legal matter which is common under Family Law is often matters in relation to Divorce/Matrimonial Proceeding. Our counsels have represented client in filing Single Petition, Joint Petition, Applying for Custody of Children, Maintenance of Spouse and other matters incidental to Matrimonial Proceeding.

Intellectual Property

Ideas are the very foundation upon which innovation, creativity, businesses and brand identities are built upon. Your ideas are your intellectual property rights; it is your most valuable asset and should be protected as such.

Will Writing

Writing a Will is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and it will save your family a lot of heartache and confusion when the inevitable happens. Here at ABD Advocates & Legal Consultants , we provide will writing services as well as advice in succession & estate planning, trust arrangements, personal asset arrangements and inheritance tax matters.

Company Establishment

ABD Advocates & Legal Consultants provides an all-encompassing advisory service in respect of the setting-up and incorporation of our clients’ new companies and business ventures. We serve start-ups and companies of all scales and sizes. We have the expertise and experience required to advise our clients on the most suitable business structure, tax structure and other related matters according to each of their particular needs.

Debt Recovery & Fraud

Whether you are a creditor seeking delayed or defaulted payments; or a debtor dealing with letters of demand for defaulted payments, our lawyers are adept at handling every aspect of the debt recovery process. Our clients can rest assured that the team at ABD Advocates & Legal Consultants will be able to walk them through the recovery process with ease and skill.

Looking For A Reliable & Dedicated Partner?

Consisting of some of the best and highly professional legal advisors and local advocates, Bin Dhahi offers full-time commercial and corporate legal solutions and dispute settlements. Focused on developing long-term and strong relations with our clients, we at Bin Dhahi believe in the values of reliability, morality, consistency and accountability.