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Non-Contentious or Advisory Work: We provide legal services that do not include dispute for our local and international clients. Such services without limitation to the procedures of establishing companies Incorporation, Mergers, Acquisitions, Reformation, Liquidation and Dissolution, and providing legal consultancies as well as drafting and reviewing contracts and finally we provide alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation.
Contentious or Arbitration: These services include litigation and arbitration proceedings and consultations which are conducted by a multi-national team of legal advisors and lawyers. 


Collaborations among Bin Dhahi attorneys in various disciplines produce innovative legal solutions for our clients. We work together across offices and practice areas as integrated, multidisciplinary teams to provide the capabilities necessary to generate great results for our clients.

Featured Services

What We Offer

Below is a list of specific examples of our expertise 

  • Arbitration & Reconciliation
  • Commercial cases
  • Claims management
  • Dispute resolutions
  • Constructions
  • Maritime
  • Insurance
  • Corporate Structuring & Business Set Up
  • Get business license / prepare the required documents
  • Labour & Employment
  • Legal Consultants
  • Certification applications / wills
  • Claim settlements
  • Criminal cases
  • Legal documents drafting & Consultation
  • Legal notices
  • Apply for Overstay Fine Waiver
  • Civil cases
  • Contracts review / Legal Opinion
  • Trademark services
  • Company liquidator
  • Real Estate Cases / Disputes
  • Bounced cheques
  • Family / Divorce cases
  • Personal Affair cases

Claims management


Claims management at ABD Advocates & Legal Consultants is all about managing and minimizing your organisation’s exposure to risk, while protecting your brand, reputation and commercial relationships. 

By integrating claims management, investigation, recovery, claims costs negotiation, and litigation services, we are able to deliver business based outcomes that meet your commercial goals, helping you avoid litigation where possible and maximize repudiations of third party claims. 

We deliver a centralised, blended solution, drawing together volume claims managment, adjusting, consultancy and legal expertise. 

Dispute resolution


ABD Advocates & Legal Consultants Dispute Resolution lawyers act for a broad spectrum of individual and commercial clients in a wide range of complex disputes. Our in-depth understanding of the law and court procedures, in addition to providing practical solutions, is highly valued by a clients. We seek solutions trough mediation, negotiation and other dispute resolution techniques to achieve the outcomes our clients want and need. We provide cost effective service. We have litigated every type of civil and regulatory dispute, from the largest commercial disputes, to disputes involving private individuals and their businesses. 

We are experts in many types of dispute resolution, including 

  • Commercial litigation for corporates and individuals 
  • Litigation involving banks and financial services products 
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes 
  • IP, technology and data-related disputes 
  • Property litigation 
  • International arbitration 


Looking for a Reliable Dedicated Partner?

Renowned for our experience in complex litigation and arbitration, our clients rely on us to anticipate their needs and outperform their expectations. We believe that the best litigation results — whether achieved in court or across the bargaining table — occur when the lawyers are fully prepared to try the case through verdict. Our focus on trial-readiness drives successful and more cost-efficient results for clients, as critical issues are identified early and then used to maximum advantage in the litigation and negotiation processes. 

What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to deliver an outstanding client experience, our deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses and industries, our history of building long client relationships, and our roster of highly skilled lawyers. 

We stand by our clients and see things from their perspective—across sectors, industries and borders